Open from May 15 to October 31

Private cars are excluded from NorikuraSkyline due to protect the natural environment.

It is necessary to take a shuttle bus (Norikura Skyline) to go to Mt. Norikura

Honokidaira Bus Terminal(Transfer to Suttle Bus)
Hirayu Bus Terminal
Norikura Skyline
Mt.Norikura (Tatamidaira Parking Lot)

Shuttle / 45 min

Round Trip ¥2,300

Mt. Norikura Trails

Mt.Kengamine (3,026m)

On sunny days. you get to see Mt.fuji and many other mountains which represent Japan.

Mt.Fujimi (2,817m)

From the summit, you see whole Tatamidaira parking lot. flower field and lakes below. On clear days, you also see a panoramic view of the Northern Japan Alps.

Mt.Daikoku (2,772m)

It takes 20 minutes to the peak from Tatamidaira parking lot. It is known as a superb view of sunrise.

Mt.Mao (2,763m)

This is the nearest peak from Tatamidaira parking lot. It takes about 15 minutes to the top. It's an easy hike for beginners and children.

Alpine Flower Field

You see various types of alpine flowers in summer. The wooden-path goes around the field. It takes about 30 minutes to walk.

Trails Map (Flayer)

Approximate Time to Reach the Summit From Tatamidaira Parking Lot.

  • To Mt.Kengamine 1h30min
  • To Mt.Daikoku 20min
  • To Mt.Fujimi 25min
  • To Mt.Mao 15min
  • To Katanokoya Hut 40min


It is necessary to take a shuttle bus (Norikura Skyline) to go to Mt. Norikura

You can take a shuttle bus at either the "Honokidaira Bus Terminal" or the "Hirayu Bus Terminal"

It is more convenient to get on a shuttle bus at the "Honokidaira Bus Terminal" because of the frequency of the shuttle service and the closeness of the parking to the bus terminal.

- From Takyama, Honokidaira or Hirayu Onsen to Mt. Norikura -

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